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Marc or Jason Take Out Menu
We understand the lack of spare time in all our lives, and therefore, do 
our best to prepare your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.
(973) 740-1940 -- Fax: ((973) 740-8906
 2016 Take Out Menu
For your convenience and pleasure, we include a cup of cole slaw, 
a pickle, paper plate, napkin and a fork in all take-out orders.
Nana's Specialty Sandwiches
Cheeseburgers & Pizzaburgers
Jumbo Sandwiches Combo Sandwiches Salad Platters
Today's Menu Platters & Salads By The Pound Also Available
HOMEMADE Doesn't Have to Mean MADE-AT-HOME
Delectable Soups Hors D'oeuvres Our Specialties Heavenly Desserts
Also Available Side Dishes By The Pound
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For pick-up service, please call 740-1940, or fax us your order-740-8906